Friday, October 19, 2012
State University Aleco Russo from Balti

The Final Conference of the MOLDINCLUD Project was held at the State University « Aleco Russo« in Balti on 19th of October 2012.

The Conference was an important international and national forum on issues concerning the inclusive society and education in Republic of Moldova as an outcome of the Moldinclud Project.

At this conference the following distinctive groups participated:

- General or special educator/teaching staff or school´s professionals in general – participating they were able to access innovative, research based educational strategies, relevant to a wide range of topics in education today that are enhancing learning for ALL students.

- School, educational centers administrators –learned how to lead teachers to support ALL students to achieve knowledge and understanding, different  strategies and programs to share with  staff as well as information on parent involvement, effective collaboration and updates on laws;

- A family member – through collaborate to increase family and school collaboration and find out what strategies  children´s teachers can use in the classroom.

The MOLDINCLUD Final Conference presented the work of more than 2000 people during two and a half years achieving important changes in education and society related to inclusiveness and diversity issues at national level in Republic of Moldova.

Most of trainees have shared their experience during this almost 3 years of work in the framework of the MOLDINCLUD project!!!