Moldova is currently facing several major issues in social protection, which primarily affect children from under- privileged families and children with SEN (special educational needs). Education of students/children with SEN in Moldova is currently based on the principle of exclusion; i.e. it is conducted in special educational institutions. Such special schools educates children with disabilities in the intellectual development, loco motor deficiencies, cerebral paralysis and hypoacuzition; deaf, blind children, and children with behavioural deviations. Currently, in the Republic of Moldova over 12000 children of the total number of about 900 000 children are being placed in 68 special institutions, which violates the children’s right to be brought up in the family. In general schools teaches more than 460,000 students and only a small number of pupils with mild deficiencies are studying in general schools, since the absolute majority of students with SEN have no access to education in general schools because these schools are not suited to the needs of SEN children.

Providing education for children with special needs in general schools require additional efforts and expenditures. Schools and staff of these schools are not prepared to teach children with SEN.